Marcelo Ment's first solo exhibition in the city of Rio de Janeiro, held in January 2012 at the Espaço Cultural de Furnas in Botafogo, broke all the space's audience records, from opening to closing.January/February-2012

Contrasts – Marcelo Ment

Talking about graffiti is painting the city. It is contemporary media, street art, it keeps the spirit of time, a wild icon of the urban ethos. Graffiti spreads over this concrete range and, untamed, it touches its gray pillars, adorns its aged walls. Graffiti deals with the city as a field of action, where the relief does not repel, but summon. The graffiti man, an urban artist on principle, is the son of this turbulent, frantic and sensual relationship between the city and its boundaries. Thus, it always carries the tones of transgression – this obtuse gap between yes and no.

Marcelo Ment has been drawing this confrontation in spray for two decades and presents us his artistic pact with the walls, his tribute to the streets, to the colors, to the polyphony of the metropolises. Here, we see a kind of detour de force, a relentless pursuit to get all these cities together, all the traces, tags, bombs, which connect Vila da Penha (North Zone of Rio) to Amsterdam, Lapa (Downtown Rio) to Berlin , Ipanema to Paris. The artist brings his contrasts to light, trace and color, concrete and light, sound and aphony, black and white, hot and cold, inner self and world. Therefore, the city seems to be made of fury and seduction, as a languid look woman, tangled hair, but with the whole world inside her head dela.

Charbelly Estrella

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