Marcelo Ment was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1977 and, since 1998, has made the streets his main support and creative laboratory.

In more than two decades, the artist has traveled through Brazil and the world, building a strong identity, recognized and appreciated wherever he goes. Ment is self-taught and integrates the first generation of graffiti artists in Rio de Janeiro. His art can be seen in major publications of the genre, collections and especially on the walls, New York, Boston, Chicago, Paris and São Paulo are some of the cities that have murals of Marcelo on their streets.

Ment is the only Brazilian member of the renowned “StickUpKids”, a crew founded by Can2, the German is one of the most important names in world graffiti.

“The works and stories that I have been building are reflections of research and personal experiences, from childhood to the present day on the streets. I see art, above all, as another tool to seek knowledge, create connections and encourage communication between people, valuing and strengthening the best we have as human beings.”


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