In 2008 Marcelo Ment painted the classic image of Pixinguinha sitting on his chair in the Ramos neighborhood on the Fundição Progresso terrace, which became the cover of his first album.

The photo turned 40 that year and the artist had permission from photographer Walter Firmo, author of this and countless photos of great samba names, Walter was even present on the day of the painting and followed the entire process.

For the first time in 20 years of his career, Marcelo has restored a painting done in an external environment, starting from the portrait of Pixinguinha he and Thiago Molon ( Tarm ) created during a week of work this 100% intuitive mural, which celebrates 10 years of painting, honors and reveres our culture, the neighborhood of Lapa, the great Walter Firmo and the maestro Pixinguinha.

Fundição Progresso- Lapa, Rio de Janeiro.

Photos by Henrique Madeira, with the exception of the last 3 from 2008, by Paula Cinquetti.

© Copyright All rights reserved.

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