EXPO "HOJE" - DE 25/11/2023 A 04/01/2024

Marcelo Ment was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1977 and, since 1998, has made the streets his main support and creative laboratory.

In more than two decades, the artist has traveled through Brazil and the world, building a strong identity, recognized and appreciated wherever he goes. Ment is self-taught and integrates the first generation of graffiti artists in Rio de Janeiro. His art can be seen in major publications of the genre, collections and especially on the walls, New York, Boston, Chicago, Paris and São Paulo are some of the cities that have murals of Marcelo on their streets.

Ment is the only Brazilian member of the renowned “StickUpKids”, a crew founded by Can2, the German is one of the most important names in world graffiti.

“The works and stories that I have been creating are reflections of research and personal experiences, from childhood to the present day on the streets. I see art, above all, as another tool to seek knowledge, create connections and encourage communication between people, valuing and strengthening the best we have as human beings.”

"Hoje" is Ment's first solo exhibition held in São Paulo, after participating in some group shows and festivals.

By Edu Valladares:

It is impossible not to be enchanted by Marcelo Ment's art, which invokes wonder in all its sensitivity and demolishes common sense. His works, with all their depth in the best choices of lines that carry affection and revolution, remind me of the poetics of João Cabral de Melo Neto's texts, including the veracity of Drummond's poems and added to the rebelliousness of Manoel's rule-questioning verses. de Barros.

I met Marcelo more than 30 years ago, in Madureira, capital of the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, when we were studying in high school and what always marked me, in his journey, was the constant search to be outside his comfort zone. It's so cool to see an artist reinvent himself so many times and still always impress. Ment is a trailblazer, he has been and continues to open new paths wherever he goes. Not afraid to take risks. He conquered the world with his original works, filled with the desire to celebrate life.

All this inspiration from the past is clear in his exhibition “HOJE”, full of encounters, rescues, discoveries, awakenings and new searches. All of this is an invitation to learn about the possibility, through his art, of the world changing color, becoming more vibrant, more hopeful, more enchanting. His drawings and movements are the certainty that we still have time to relearn how to dream.

Alma da Rua II: Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque, 188. São Paulo. From 11am to 6pm, every day. @galeriaalmadarua 

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